Planning a Gothic Theme Party

We all love parties, who wouldn’t enjoy a party right? It’s one of those times where we can interact with people, share foods and drinks; play games and dance our heart out. Halloween has just passed, but it’s never too late or too early to share tips and tricks on planning a Halloween party that’s a gothic theme.

Halloween is one of our favorite parties, where we can go dark as much as we like. We can put glow-in-the-dark fangs on our mouths, pumpkin carvings on the streets and bloody drinks. If you haven’t planned a very dark and gothic theme, it’s time to take notes of our tips and techniques on creating one of the best gothic party you’ll ever have.

A Gothic Welcome

Welcome your guests to your party with detailed gothic decorations. Design the menu board and chalkboard in a frame with cobweb and skull drawings. You can put black flowers especially black roses on the front door and even in the fence. This will give a creepy welcome to the guests.

To light the yard or gate of your house, you can put a skull with a light inside and line it up. It’s best to bring up the eerie feels of the party if you start the decorations outside the house, even if the party will happen inside only.

Set the Scene

Creating the dark scene for your Gothic themed party would include pewter goblets. Old silver and other old furniture or paintings you can find. It’s not necessary to buy this gothic-themed furniture to create a haunted look. You can always find ways to improvise. Look for ghostly Victorian photos, or borrow some from your grandparents.

For a perfect gothic vibe, use candles instead of your normal house lights. This will add an eerie feel especially if you put it next to old gothic books and skulls. If you don’t have these, you can buy some in stores.

Another thing that adds to the creepy feel of your gothic-themed party is a cobweb. Put cobwebs everywhere to add a creep look on your house.

To add the creepy feels, add some spooky silhouettes.  You can look for old vase and medicine bottles stacked with plastic skulls. A silhouette-dark accent could be added by using black damask and stickers on vase or candle. After it, spray the old ceramic you found with a black paint.

Put Black Alternatives

Gothic is popular because of the color it’s associated with, black. To spook your guests, replace your everyday items with things that are color black. Replace your flowers with black roses; replace your lights with black paper lantern. If you can find a black candle holder, it’s better.

For the furniture which you cannot move out the house, cover it with black cloth. Design it as beautiful as you can so it won’t look plain and simple. A black cloth sprinkled with silver glitter would add to the gothic feel of the party. You know, black and silver comes hand in hand in gothic parties.

Be Creative with the Invitations

Inviting the guests should be as spooky as your gothic theme party. Design the invitation card with black borders. To make it look Gothic, design and shape the card like a gravestone and put borders in it in a Victorian funeral style.

If you don’t like cards, you can invite guests through a small rolled map with the time and date delivered in an apothecary bottle. Or you can try a small black box with a severed hand in it and a black ribbon tied in it. Your guests will really feel the creeps!

Prepare the Drinks

Drinks shouldn’t be absent in this gothic themed party! It’s one of the lives of the party and drinks can be as creative as you want them to be. If you want your guests drink ‘blood’ wine like Dracula does, or a witch’s punch or drinks with hands floating in it, you can do so!

One of the best drinks you can serve in a gothic-themed party is Black Cat, which is a very unique drink, black colored vodka! It’s perfect for a gothic-themed Halloween because of its color. Despite its black color, the taste is smooth and perfect! Here’s what you need: 2oz of blavod black vodka, 1/2oz Chambord raspberry liquor. The steps are just easy! First, in a shaker with ice, combine the ingredients. Shake well and strain. Serve in a chilled martini glass. You can now sever your drink!

Halloween is certainly one of the best parties you can throw for your friends and other guests. But, remember though that a gothic-themed party can be done even if it’s not Halloween. If you want to push through a gothic-themed birthday party, just remember all the tips mentioned here. Happy Gothic party!