The Art of Gothic Rock: Top 5 Best Goth Bands

One of the most popular Gothic music is gothic rock; which is a subgenre of alternative rock and post-punk formed in the late 1970’s. It has the scything guitar patterns and high-pitched bass lines as the standard musical fixtures of gothic rock. Simon Reynolds, a known music journalist, described the genre’s vocal style as deep and droning.

Gothic rock deals with dark themes evident in its lyrics and the music’s atmosphere itself. Its lyrics exhibit literary romanticism, supernatural mysticism and religious symbolism. Some of the most popular musicians who shaped the conventions and aesthetics of gothic rock include the Doors, Marc Bola, the velvet Underground, Sex Pistols and Iggy Pop.

Gothic rock is popular because of its dark atmosphere that draws its influence from the drones. Also, many Goth singers are influenced by David Bowie’s deep and dramatic voice. This brand of rock music revolves around the themed of love, death, occult and religion. To appreciate more of this genre, we list the top 5 Goth bands we love.

Goth rock, as well as with other genres of Goth music, has been linked to ‘postpunk’, ‘dark ambient’, ‘dark symphonic’ and ‘dark folk’. It’s because of the Goth’s music’s dark lyrics, which appeals to others as eerie and bizarre.

In terms of Gothic fashion, it ranges its influences from punk, death rock, and medieval style attire with black clothing, hair and makeup. If you can observed, most of the Goth rock bands wear black clothing and dark makeups.

  1. Bauhaus

Bauhaus is regarded as the Godfathers of Goth music by its fans and critics. In 1978, the band was formed in Northampton, England. They released albums with a vampiric sound, gloomy, with a dose of darkness and melancholia. Their most well-known song is “Bella Lugosi’s Dead” which became a Gothic anthem for many fans. The band features Peter Murphy as the featured singer, Daniel Ash as the guitarist, Kevin Haskins as the drummer and David J as the bassist.

  1. The Cure

The Cure is not only of the best Goth bands ever, but one of the best rock bands. Their songs are dreamy with a good beat and soft musical textures. The world loved its change from a punk sound to a slower and sadder music. The band begun in the late 1970’s, led by the iconic Robert Smith.

  1. Siouxsie and the Banshees

The band began its journey when it was formed by fans of Sex Pistols in the late 1970’s. The popular vocalist, Siouxsie Sioux gave the band its romantic and eerie sound. Their music was at first slow, experimental and semi-punk but later it became artsy dark.

  1. Sisters of Mercy

Sisters of Mercy is popular because of their darker type of rock music. It was led by Andrew Eldritch. On 1990’s, the band stopped producing new albums as a protest against the corporate control in the music industry. However, they are still popular and gained many fan bases. Their music has the elements of psychedelic rock, punk and early metal. Despite of change of lineups, name changes and others, the band’s dark music is still alive.

  1. Fields of the Nephilim

Fields of Nephilim was formed in the early 1980’s by Carl McCoy. At first, the band’s music includes a darker twist on psychedelic music, mysterious, post-punk and cowboy style. They have produced haunting songs, beautiful, eerie and valiant music at the same time. They are popular or throwing apocalyptic, biblical and occult references throughout its career.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to experience Goth music, especially Goth rock but doesn’t where to start, you can start listening to the bands mentioned above. When you’re done listening with the popular bands, you can then move on to less mainstream Goth music.

If you want to appreciate this kind of music more, pay more attention to its lyrics. Goth rock is popular because of its morbid and mysterious lyrics. Appreciate the lyrics and try to think of the meaning of those words. Through this, you’d know what the music wants to say and you’ll have deeper understanding of the music and a deeper connection to it too.

Goth rock is beautiful, just like any other genres. It has its own sounds, appeal, and identity. Its dark identity is what makes Goth music special and popular. It means that all scary and dark thoughts can be spoken through music. All dark secrets which cannot be said normally can be said through this kind of music. And no, Goth and everything about it is bot scary. It’s beautiful, and fans love it because it’s a form of self-expression.

The top 5 Goth bands mentioned above are one of the many who became popular because of their identity, music and all. Enjoy them while listening to them, because what they make is art.